Coloring Inside the Lines


Once forms start to emerge in my doodling. I'm then feel the compulsion to color between the lines. Although shading would be a better term for it. These doodles were the result of another client call. You can see my notes: "People interacting with technology." Fascinating.

Folded Paper


It's been a weak couple of weeks for posting; the earthquake in Fukushima and several time-consuming projects derailed my almost-daily posts - and my family vacation next week will keep me out of reach of a scanner.

But I did manage to scan this one on Friday. Hard to see, but the bottom portion is folded, showing the back of the page. Also, the orientation of the paper ended up cutting off a third of the page. So I don't have much to say about this one, except that I love folding paper and seeing doodles on the other side.

Aloha everyone, I'll be in Hawaii for a week!