Post-It Doodles

The Doodle That Started It All


Sometimes I'll fill an entire page with doodles. My father was also a habitual doodler, and I recall being so impressed with one of his pieces - which filled an entire legal pad page on the desk in his law office - that I started doodling to imitate him. I wish I could find that doodle now - or any of his doodles for that matter - perhaps there are one or two among the boxes of his papers that I have. At any rate, it's interesting the way something I consciously labored at as a small child eventually became second nature. The doodle pictured above is one I posted on my other blog, Ideuhs, back in June after reading an article reporting that people who doodle during meetings retain more information than those who don't (read the post!). That was shortly after my friend and coworker Todd Diamond suggested I start a doodle blog. The original suggestion was to create a space where others could contribute and share their doodles. I'm not quite there yet. It took me six months just to flip the switch on so I could post my own doodles, but a flickr-like doodle site would be fun to do.


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